June 1st 1973

“H-term – went into Estleigh with Nig afternoon – didn’t buy nothing. At work Sue said she was leaving tomorrow”

Oh no! It looks like one of my female entourage is leaving me?!

I jest of course.

Sue was quite a looker if I recall correctly? I seem to vaguely remember that Nig may have briefly dated her too.

Where’s a bloody time machine when you need one? All I’d need is a day or two back in 1973, have a quick wander around a few friends and then come back to 2009 and relay FAR more fascinating and vivid memories of the teenage me.

‘Course, I’d put a few bob on at the bookies too… let’s see now…. there will eventually be a woman Prime Minister in the UK, a black President in the USA and China will one day host the Olympic Games… yes, that should make for a rather profitable trifecta!


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