May 31st 1973

“H.Term – confirmed at All Saints 7:30. Got 100 kroner from Mormor & Holger, Pen from Uncle Bill & Auntie Dot, Alarm clock from Simmonds”

“Confirmation” – according to online research – is a rite of initiation in many christian churches, including the Church of England.

It takes the form of the ‘laying on of hands’ by a bloke in a big pointy hat and bestows
a) full membership in the church
b) the ‘gift of the holy spirit’.

In respect of the first I refer to Woody Allen’s famous quote (itself updating a prior comment by Groucho Marx) where he stated “I’d never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member

In respect of b) I could swear I’d been gifted some holy spirit the night before?

Still, it looks like I got lots of presents for dressing up a little and allowing myself to be pawed at by a geezer in a fancy dressing gown.

To be honest, I probably wasn’t this cynical in 1973.


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