May 26th 1973

“Work all day. In evng went to Stella’s barbecue. had to wait in F.O. for Heavy Mob to come. Quite good larf from the Clockwork Orange Kids”

I remember nothing but fear about this party, so the comment of “quite good larf” quite honestly surprises me all these years later.

As (admittedly fading) memory serves me, we turned up at the party – held in a barn at a some local farm holding – and were immediately told to go back into Fair Oak Square for a while because Stella and her fellow party givers were expecting trouble from a group of hateful bikers. She had called some friends – presumably those I refer to here as the “Heavy Mob” – who were scheduled to arrive and *ahem* police the proceedings accordingly. At which time she felt it would be safe for everyone to attend.

I had yet to see the cinematic brilliance of Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange“, although the press had been having a proverbial field day with its content, complaining about its violent scenes. Therefore, as a 15 year old, its fearful reputation very much preceded it.

I can’t say if the “Clockwork Orange Kids” were the aforementioned heavy mob or not, but I do remember they were a particularly unpleasant bunch of 4 or 5 chaps contantly spilling other people’s drinks and generally creating mayhem and an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I don’t think they wore the ludicrous codpieces shown above in the film still, but they did have the Droog-esque 14-hole Doc Marten boots, the white ensemble with braces (suspenders), the bowler hats and the black eye makeup. And yes they had sticks and/or chains.

I seriously believe I wrote “quite good larf” to pretend to myself that I hadn’t felt intimidated. But I had been.

Good job I didn’t take Angela. No advantage in her witnessing me being somewhat of a wimp.


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