May 14th 1973

“Got free film from Ross. Gonna cost me about £3.00 to get developed. Put 2.30 into Post Office”

This an early example of British consumer “bait and switch”, most of which is now (thankfully) outlawed* under European legislation.

I believe I had saved up tokens – somewhere/somehow – that entitled me to a free 35mm film for my camera.

The film canister came in the post, but the caveat was that the processing of the pictures you took using said film had to be done by return mail with the same company, Ross.

Which was priced at what seems like the OUTRAGEOUS amount – for 1973 – of three bloomin’ quid!

Did I fall for it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if I mention this again in future diary entries.

However, in possible anticipation I socked away another £2.30 into my secondary saving account at the Post Office. Nothing like planning for the future.

*If only they would do the same thing here in the USA!


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