May 7th 1973

“Took bak Mormor in ‘new car’ – escort (Had day off school)”

Talk about feeling guilty.

For the second time in these diary entries I have referred to my grandmother coming all the way from Denmark to stay with us for a while… and for the second time I have barely mentioned her, or what we did with her, during her visit.

Indeed, it seems my references have almost been limited to when she has arrived and when she has left – on this occasion maybe only memorable because I was evidently pulled out of school for the return drive.

I’m still none the wiser as to why ‘new car’ is in quotes, unless it was my way of saying ‘new’ (as in ‘used’ or 2nd hand) car. Like me, my Dad has never bought a new car in his life, mindful of those ‘instant devaluation’ issues when you drive it off the lot.


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