May 3rd 1973

“Gra back at school – bought 3 cassettes off him. Went up his ouse after skool – saw his cassette player… bloody sod!”

A-ha… so, the mystery of what I was going to buy off of Gra is finally solved.

As I have mentioned before Gra used to travel the world with his Dad, and often brought back dodgy bootleg cassettes from (I think it was) Hong Kong.

I evidently bought three of them, failing to mention what titles I added to my collection, not realising that without those names my online blog some 36 years later would seem VERY boring indeed! How dare me!

As is now, Hong Kong was also home to the ‘dodgy’ knock-off hi-fi sellers of the world, so he must also have brought back a new cassette deck – of which I appeared just a tad jealous.

Unlikely that the player was a Nakamichi as shown in the photo above. More like a knockoff brand like Nookamoochi or Nagasaki.


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