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April 18th 1973

“Went all the way to Heathrow to pick up Mormor. We went in ‘our car’ – had a sore arse when I got home”

“All the way” to Heathrow.

Makes it sound like some kind of cross-continent trek doesn’t it?

60 miles or so. Christ, these days I do that just do some shopping!

How times change.

For random or new readers not wishing to trawl the TRO archives for answers, the “Mormor” I here refer to was my Danish grandmother – literally translating as “Mother’s Mother”.

I have no clue as to why I have suggested ‘our car’ may not have been… erm.. ‘our car’, nor why said car – or anything else – would have given me a posterial ache. Did I sit awkwardly on a piece of her luggage?


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