March 23rd 1973

“Got sent out in Physics thanks to Dave B” / “Rode my bike from school so’sat I get home earlier for work” / “Nig started work wiv me over Lancaster & Crook”

I wonder what misdemeanour I got sent out of Physics for? Seems as if this Dave B character was real perpetrator and I was merely a victim of circumstance?

Where did we go when we were sent out of class? Were we sent to the headmaster’s office? What if he wasn’t there?

Why would being sent out of class be a deterrent? Surely kids would WANT to be sent out of lessons they didn’t like?

So many questions, so little memory bank remaining.

In other news, it appeared my work ethic kicked in during my teenage years? Why else would I be eager to get to work early by riding my bike to and from school?

Plus, it looks like I blagged my pal Nig a job alongside me at the supermarket!

This could spell either trouble or fun.


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