March 22nd 1973

“Roxy Tickets on Sale” / “In table tennis I beat Trevor 21-19”

In the current ‘technology’-led age its difficult to completely comprehend how we got our hands on concert tickets in the 1970’s.

There were a few methods, all of them seeming as antiquated – and honest – as possible.

A date would be given stating when tickets were going on sale. There were usually two sets of prices; one for the stalls and one for the upper circle. Tickets were sold on a first come, first served basis, rarely could you determine where your seats would be. You could either go to the concert venue’s ticket office OR send off a request for tickets along with a covering cheque, postal order or… *gasp*, cash. For the latter you would also enclose a stamped address envelope for the return of the tickets. That latter ‘cost’ represented the ONLY additional charge.

There were no rip-off “ticketbastard” or “evilnation” charges, like ‘convenience fees’ (where IS the ‘convenience exactly?), ‘administration fees’ (you mean ‘doing your job’?) or ticket printing fees (the charge to print our own tickets at home – using our own resources and ink is perhaps the most OFFENSIVE – and ludicrous – charge these corporate bastards pass on).

Yes, gigs sold out, and yes there might have been a small amount of ‘after market’ ticket touting but I would say that for almost EVERY gig I ever tried to buy tickets for in the 70’s I was accommodated one way or another.

My diary entry doesn’t state if I went, or planned to go, to the Gaumont in Southampton – for this was where the gig was scheduled to be held – to buy tickets, or I mailed off cash or badgered Dad for a cheque. However, it seems as if Roxy Music were about to be in my concert future?!


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