March 6th 1973

“Done drawing – not very good” / “Put some more patches on trousers” / “Took bak Trev’s Matching Mole”

I’m far from surprised that I took back that Matching Mole LP. I know many people kneel before the altar of songwriter Robert Wyatt (including Elvis Costello who covered Wyatt’s turgid “Shipbuilding“) but I am certainly not one of them.

I suspect that I would have borrowed the album based on being told that it was produced by King Crimson’s Robert Fripp and that Brian Eno guested on one track.

Matching Mole were part of what was known back then as “The Canterbury Sound”, a kind of avant garde jazzy conglomerate which also included Soft Machine and Caravan – two more bands which I have never warmed to.

The name Matching Mole is – by Robert Wyatt’s admission – a pun… albeit a really crappy one. The French translation of “Soft Machine” (Wyatt’s former band) is “machine molle”. Is it any wonder then that the the contained esoteric jazz-rock was a lame as the name?

I have no idea what kind of ‘patches’ I put on my trousers, although I vaguely recall a pair of jeans with some strange shapes attached to the front thighs and back pockets so maybe these are what I am referring to?


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