March 2nd 1973

“Only worked till seven – felt a bit worn out after the past hectic week” / “Bort 3 light ales for the drinking of”

This cracks me up so very much.

One, the past week has apparently has been so hectic (reads back on entries, sees mention of scalextric, table tennis and one night’s homework) that I am now “a bit worn out

Two, I was fifteen years old.

Does it not strike you as a little odd that this 15-year-old was actually able to buy 3 light ales for the drinking of? I probably bought them at the very same supermarket I was working at, so it’s not as if anyone who served me would not have known my age. In 1973 maybe there weren’t laws stopping this kind of thing?…. checks internet… can’t find a reference point….

Three, THREE! I was buying three beers. Me, at 15 years old. What. the. hell?

I know that nowadays – and given the greater ‘chavvy’ culture of teenagers in Britain – drinking excessively as a youngster is almost ‘mandatory’, but I certainly don’t believe this was the same case in 1973 and that ‘decorum’ – if not the law – dictated that we kids didn’t DO this kind of thing.

My wife has pointed out that the purchase of three may suggest that I was instead buying them to go with the ‘family’ meal that evening – one for Mum, one for Dad and one for me – but I can’t be 100% certain of that now, can I?

If, indeed, I bort three and drank three bottles/cans of beer it would explain certain destructive habits I would fall into some 5 or 6 years later


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  1. Nobby

    3 light ales … NUTTER!

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