February 26th 1973

“Went to Soufampton wiv Mark – bort pen and anuver spike milligan book”

Spike Milligan really was – and, in fact, still is – a comedy god to me.

I’ve gushed before about Spike’s contribution to The Goons, but I think it was his contributions to the literary world that impressed me more.

The word ‘anuver’ means I had already delved into Spike’s written works and as I know for a FACT the first book of his I read was “Puckoon“, I’m pretty certain that this second choice would have been his “Little Pot Boiler” compilation of silliness.

Strangely, that particular title now appears to be out of print in 2008. Good job I kept my original paperback – cover price 25p – shown in the photo on the right.

Yes, maybe that IS a little sad?

Spike really did have a massive influence on my own sense of humour, and a lot of it has stuck with me for my entire life. The cutting below for instance is something I almost always mutter each and every time I am near the seaside….


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