February 22nd 1973

“Lost to Sned at table tennis 21-9, 21-10, 21-13” / “Dun me leg in again” / “Got report – good!!! (Phew)!” / “Got 10p for working 5 mins over Sperrins” / “Bort hi-fi mag!”

I am getting better at table tennis aren’t I? You can visibly see the improvement in my losing streak today!

What exactly did I do to my leg? Again?

I would guess that the appearance of a ‘school report’ sends fear into the heart of most any schoolkid, this one included. I was going to post an example of my own report, but it would appear that my dad is still holding onto them 4000 miles away. It looks, however, as if I squeaked past this particular one, evidenced by the “phew!

I wonder what I did for 5 minutes over at Sperrins (actually Sperrings) – the local 7-11 convenience store – for that massive 10p pay?

The purchase of that hi-fi mag – doubtless helped by the earned 10p – was what could have sent me into a few years of strange fascination for all things ‘hi-fi’, the result of which will doubtless be discussed further in future diary entries.

In the meantime, shown on the right is a Garrard SP25 record deck, doubtless already on my 15-year-old list of “holy grails”


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