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February 19th 1973

“Roger brort back Moving Waves” / ” felt very bad during History – went to M.I. Room, dad came to pick me up and take me home. Couldn’t sleep all night”

Wow, I must have been bad to had to leave History and visit the M.I. (Medical I……….?) room.

Especially if Dad came and picked me up from school.

Naturally, 35 years later I can remember nothing about it whatsoever.

However, I can remember when I was seven and happily playing with my friends Raymond and Trevor on an abandoned building site in Eastleigh. (Health & safety? Nah!… this was the sixties) As I left and waved goodbye to them I swung my head back round and split it wide open on a nearby lamp post. Blood immediately poured down my face and across my glasses.

I wandered to a strangers house in the next block and rang the doorbell. The woman there, regardlessly horrified at the sight in front of her, asked me where I lived and walked me home… to my Mum who screamed her bloody head off when she saw me.

This was before the days of everyone having telephones, so Mum had no way of contacting my Dad who was at work. One neighbour said he would walk to Dad’s works and tell him what had happened, whilst the other neighbour offered to drive me and my Mum to the emergency department at Southampton Hospital.

Once there I was rushed into an out-patient room and given an anaesthetic and a few dozen stitches were applied to the wound. Dad turned up – having had to catch the train into Southampton and walked from the station – just as I was coming round and wondering what all the fuss was about.

I still carry the scars on my forehead, and as my hair (thankfully) slowly recedes it becomes more and more visible.

So, anyway… this bloke walks into a lamp post……


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