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February 18th 1973

“Got 25p for cleaning car” / “Went to Tibs & was told that Confirmation might be at whitsun. Mum in mood ‘cos of this” / “Went to church to see my masterpiece in print”

Why on earth would my Mum have dropped into a “mood” because my Confirmation would be at whitsun?

Was she secretly planning a holiday or something? Given that my Dad had to organise everything we did, this seems unlikely. So there must have been some other reason that my brain will not permit me to recall. (Unfortunately as Mum got older we all discovered that the strangest, smallest things could often “set her off” on a trip to her darker side)

My masterpiece was that irreverent written description of the church weekend I spoke of a few days ago, now scheduled to turn up in print in the church magazine. I wonder now, as I wondered then, what people made of it.

Wouldn’t it be sad if 33 years later I continued to mildly antagonise the world’s believers. Oh, wait….


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