February 17th 1973

“Got first pay 3.70 – 1.50 sub” / “Bort new stylus 70p” / “Took bak Who Do We Think We Are – got £2.50 back” / “Lent Roger Moving Waves” / “Statement from Halifax” / “City 1 Liverp 1”

Aaaaah……… my first proper pay packet, suggesting that I underestimated my anticipated income as £1.70. It actually appears to be £1.85 (£3.70 divided by 2 weeks) for 8 hours work, meaning I was on 23p (34¢) an hour.

I wonder if Mr Ward still has any jobs going? The 2008 downturn in the economy has decimated my savings and investment funds sooo much that 24¢ an hour looks like an attractive wage, and – actually – more than I’ve been earning recently.

Interesting that I did not wait to buy a new stylus before returning that faulty “Who Do We Think We Are” album again. As I recall I actually went through several replacement copies before abandoning it for a cash refund, but I could be wrong. (Do you reckon I maybe taped it first? Disgraceful, right?)

I obviously took some pride in getting my first savings statement from the Halifax Building Society. I’ll say again that had my Dad not gently persuaded me to save money when I was a kid, there is NO WAY I would be as financially savvy and secure as I feel all these years later.

Weird how habits you adopt as a spotty teenager stick with you for your entire life.

I must try and stop that other one sometime.



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2 responses to “February 17th 1973

  1. Christy

    yay for the ‘pool shout-out! 🙂
    seems we were always drawing back then as well. ha.

  2. Stevil

    Incredible String Band at the Old Refectory, Soton Uni 75p

    Soft Machine on TV program “Full House”. Do you remember that program, I don’t.

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