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February 13th 1973

“Scored 2 in 4-a-side during Gym” / “Dad got me another Who Do We…. – it jumps as well – wrote letter to record co” / “started jigsaw”

Once again my little scoring successes in Gym – a school activity which I despised for everything it stood for – seems worthy of a diary mention.

Maybe I felt it necessary to boast of whatever ‘result’ I got because I was always amongst the kids that were picked last by whomever was deemed to be ‘team captain’ regardless of the sport being played.

I wore specs, I did not have athletic physique at all and I was uncoordinated. I was probably considered whatever the 70’s equivalent of a ‘geek’ was.

Want proof?

This is me, a year later in 1974

Yes, that was my passport photo.
Yes, I look like a girl.
Yes, that is a pudding basin haircut.
Yes, Angela wanted me.
Yes, maybe she did need therapy?

If you can please all stop laughing now so we can return to the matters in hand?

I wrote to the record company, proving again that my predilection for ‘complaining’ (something which I now enjoy almost as a profession) was started very early in life.

It appears that instead of contemplating anything like a date with Angela, I started a jigsaw.

Wild Man!

(I dedicate this post – including that photo, to which she would have undoubtedly gone “awwwwwww” – to my dear old Mum, who passed away in 2005. This week would have been her 79th birthday. I loved and miss her very much)


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