February 11th 1973

“Went to church in the morning and gave Sue C my report of the weekend – she liked it” / “Saw Angela again – wow! Still haven’t made up my mind”

My brain had a fart when I read this diary entry. The resulting smell reminded me about the “report of the weekend” of which I speak.

I thought I still had it somewhere in my basement, amongst my ‘precious things‘, but a search through the magic suitcase came up blank so you are all unfortunately denied the chance to imagine me squirming with further embarrassment as a result of scanning and posting it.

As I recall though it was quite funny, and very irreverent.. at one point wondering why we lost the game of football when we were supposed to have the good lord jesus on our team. I think I made a crack about him feeling nervous whenever there was a cross. (This religious ‘humour’ is something I appear to have honed over the years)

In other news, Angela looked “wow!” at church but stupid little me still wasn’t sure.

I was a prat.


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