February 6th 1973

“Scored in basketball” / “Focus’ other single Hocus Pocus enters chart at 30, Sylvia goes up to 9” / “Still don’t know whether or not to take out Angela – decisions” / “Found out that Gra was in same fix as I am about a girl – Bah!”

This is what you all want isn’t it?

A proper slice of teenage angst.

Not just for me apparently, but also for my friend Gra. We appear ‘plagued’ by wimmins?!

Why, exactly, would I be hesitating to properly take out Angela? Was her question at the church weekend something akin to asking me to be her boyfriend?

My diary entry does give the impression that I am both indecisive and nonchalant about it all. You would think that a 15-year-old hormonal boy – who had recently participated in ‘sleeping bag fumblings’ would be eager to repeat the experience as regularly as possible wouldn’t you? In my case apparently not.

Taking precedence however was the fact that my favourite Dutch warblers now had two simultaneous hit singles in the charts and that……

great dribbling hell!………

I….. I….. I played basketball?????

Look out Harlem Gobstoppers, here I come!


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  1. Stevil

    Wizzard and Mike Maran at Southampton Guildhall 70p

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