February 5th 1973

“Gra lent me Made in Japan – Deep Purple – Brilliant!” / “Have decided to buy Who Do WeThink You Are with first wages” / “Found out that I was 2nd in Phys”

Over the years, my personal fascination for live albums has diminished considerably.

However, in 1973, I determined Deep Purple’s “Made in Japan” “brilliant“. Hmmn?

The tracks on this live album, recorded in Osaka and Tokyo, are culled mainly from Purple’s “Machine Head” studio album, the whole of Side 4 dedicated to an extended – and admittedly overdone – version of “Space Truckin’

Years later I can’t say I hold any great affection for this album. I certainly haven’t owned it in any format for 30 years or more, so it’s initial brilliance faded quite fast.

In fact my teenage admiration – and it does appear to be admiration – for Deep Purple generally has really not stuck with me at all over the interim 3+ decades.

With the exception of the other album I mention here… “Who Do We Think We Are?” which a) I still play very regularly and b) I shall doubtless talk about in some depth when my diary entry shows I bought it. With my first wages no less!

2nd in Physics eh? Surely there were more than two pupils in my class?


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