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March 3rd 1973

“Got a pay rise at work – got 1.58 wages” / “after work Nig came round – had a quick game of Scalextric – didn’t work well – jacked it in” / “Tidied and moved about room in evening” / “Wolves 5 City 1”

Whilst City were, apparently, getting well and truly tonked on a pitch somewhere up in Wolverhampton, yours truly was getting a pay rise… after only being in the job but a few weeks.

Quite right too – I hated that bloody job. Well, actually, only the “going out on the bike” bit.


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March 2nd 1973

“Only worked till seven – felt a bit worn out after the past hectic week” / “Bort 3 light ales for the drinking of”

This cracks me up so very much.

One, the past week has apparently has been so hectic (reads back on entries, sees mention of scalextric, table tennis and one night’s homework) that I am now “a bit worn out

Two, I was fifteen years old.

Does it not strike you as a little odd that this 15-year-old was actually able to buy 3 light ales for the drinking of? I probably bought them at the very same supermarket I was working at, so it’s not as if anyone who served me would not have known my age. In 1973 maybe there weren’t laws stopping this kind of thing?…. checks internet… can’t find a reference point….

Three, THREE! I was buying three beers. Me, at 15 years old. What. the. hell?

I know that nowadays – and given the greater ‘chavvy’ culture of teenagers in Britain – drinking excessively as a youngster is almost ‘mandatory’, but I certainly don’t believe this was the same case in 1973 and that ‘decorum’ – if not the law – dictated that we kids didn’t DO this kind of thing.

My wife has pointed out that the purchase of three may suggest that I was instead buying them to go with the ‘family’ meal that evening – one for Mum, one for Dad and one for me – but I can’t be 100% certain of that now, can I?

If, indeed, I bort three and drank three bottles/cans of beer it would explain certain destructive habits I would fall into some 5 or 6 years later

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March 1st 1973

“Cort wrong bus ‘ome” / “Actually won a game of table tennis – bt Rick 21-12 (hurrah!)” / “Nig came up in the evening + we managed to get my Scalextrix going – great fun knocking each other car off the tracx”

I wonder where I ended up on that wrong bus?

Meanwhile, my table tennis’ losing streak finally ended with a self-congratulatory “hurrah” over Rick. Take THAT Rick! *heh!*

Looks like either my Scalextric righted itself or Dad managed to get “onto it” sooner than he stated.

It also appears he may need to repair it again too…. seeing as we were not using the toy to race, but to indulge in certain vehicular destruction?!

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February 28th 1973

“Fantastic amount of homework dun. 10pps of history, fiziks, eco, geog etc. etc…”

This must be me showing off to myself.

I really can’t remember doing homework at all to be honest.

Despite which how DID we research things in the seventies and write on subjects without the aid of the internet?

Maybe I have just got set in my ways since I first bought a computer (and search engines were invented) but I can’t believe we used to have to read a whole crapload of books, take in what these books were trying to tell us, and then have to interpret the findings in our own words. Cut and pasting must be a lot easier, even if kids have to then dicker with the results to make them “their own”

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February 27th 1973

“Bak2 school” / “Nig came up in evng and we tried to construct up the Scalextric – didn’t work – Dad’s gonna try and make it work on Sat” / “Paid Martin S” / “Cup Sund 3 City 1”

I’ve written about my Scalextric kit before – in fact, over a year ago now.

I guess it was the kind of toy that got dragged out from under the bed only once in a while, so no surprise it got a yearly airing when Nig came around.

However, it would appear its lack of use had contributed to it not working properly. I obviously gave my Dad a project for the weekend as a result.

As City flew out of the cup, I paid Martin S for….. what (album) I wonder?

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February 26th 1973

“Went to Soufampton wiv Mark – bort pen and anuver spike milligan book”

Spike Milligan really was – and, in fact, still is – a comedy god to me.

I’ve gushed before about Spike’s contribution to The Goons, but I think it was his contributions to the literary world that impressed me more.

The word ‘anuver’ means I had already delved into Spike’s written works and as I know for a FACT the first book of his I read was “Puckoon“, I’m pretty certain that this second choice would have been his “Little Pot Boiler” compilation of silliness.

Strangely, that particular title now appears to be out of print in 2008. Good job I kept my original paperback – cover price 25p – shown in the photo on the right.

Yes, maybe that IS a little sad?

Spike really did have a massive influence on my own sense of humour, and a lot of it has stuck with me for my entire life. The cutting below for instance is something I almost always mutter each and every time I am near the seaside….

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February 25th 1973

“Arguverge” / “Went to Church” / “Went to TIBS – had good discussion wiv free uver people” / “HCRUHC TA TON ALEGNA”

Looks like the last bit of that entry is written in some kind of code?

If only I could remember how to work it out

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February 24th 1973

“out on bike again. Got 1.41 wages” / “Started to write article for church mag – not very good” / “Cup City 2 Sund 2”

Grumblemumblegrumble… bloodybloominbastardbollickinbike.

All for £1.41 too…. *sigh*

Nice to see I could be self-critical about my writing, noting that something wasn’t very good.

A particular skill some of you may feel I have lost.

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