February 4th 1973

“TIB w-end” / “Went to the baptist church – bloody bore – felt sick for day” / “Got ‘ome 6:30” / “Goodies back on telly (yippee)” / Angela still after me”

I wonder if Angela looks back on this church weekend with any fondness at all?

I wonder if she remembers being ‘after’ a boy?

I wonder if she remembers spending the nights zippered up in a sleeping bag with that same boy?

I wonder if she could please contact me to remind me exactly what went on?

In other news, the baptist church evidently did little for me other than make me feel sick (isn’t the baptist church the one where they wave those smoky things about?) and the Goodies were back on telly!




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2 responses to “February 4th 1973

  1. Buzzstein

    Smoky things? Sounds like Catholicism, or possibly the Anglican Church.

  2. Stevil

    My entry this February Sunday morning: Went to church this morning. It’s getting worse and worse at the Parish Church. It’s really dead. Trevor is on his TIB confirmation weekend at the vicarage. He can’t get about much after his operation. Went ans saw him after the service. He was on his own as the rest of the groups had gone to various churches. Lyn Walker our old TIB leader with Alan Buik had returned from Devon, Lee Abbey. Steve Hope gave me a lift home.

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