January 30th 1973

“Pete wants to buy my S+G cassette for £1 – will sell” / “Wrote another silly play for Martin. One we dun in dinner hour very funny (guffaws of laughter)” / “Sylvia Focus enters singles chart”

I sometimes look at my entries and just blink in the sunlight.

Whilst I can understand the comment regarding selling my S+G (Simon & Garfunkel) cassette for a quid and my barely contained excitement at Focus’ Sylvia dropping into the Top 30, I really have NO CLUE regarding “wrote another silly play for Martin” nor the now mind-altering “One we dun in dinner hour very funny (guffaws of laughter)

What WAS this all about, and why – given the apparent response – can I not remember a damn thing about it and why am I not now earning millions from being a successful comedy writer?!

That was a rhetorical question by the way. Just in case any of you readers decide to get smart with me!


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One response to “January 30th 1973

  1. Buzzstein

    What?? Bridge over Troubled Water is a great album!

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