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January 29th 1973 (II)

Got job (hooray) over Lancaster & Crooks. Start friday week – about £1.70 friday night and all day saturday”

Washing cars aside this was my very first ‘proper’ job.

Lancaster and Crook was the local supermarket, one in an independent chain of maybe 4 or 5 locations. (Research online showed the sum total of zero entries for the company)

I applied for, and got a job at the same time as my friend Nigel did. As memory serves we were both due to start on the same date.

The job entailed – as I am sure I will expand on in future diary entries – helping to keep the shop shelves stocked with goods, general tidying and…. delivering grocery orders to customers on “the bike”.

Yes, like that one in the photograph.

Stop laughing now.

More on the start of my working career later I’m sure.

For now though let me ponder on the realization that I was all excited to be earning £1.70 for what appears to be approximately 12 hours hard graft. That’s approximately 15p (22¢) an hour.


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