January 27th 1973

“Focus on in Concert! – REMEMBER!” – taped it” / “Taped M.waves for Rob” / “Put 8 bob into savings” / “Went up trevs and got sleeping bag for next week”

I wonder if the “Focus – In Concert” recording was on the radio or on the TV? Whichever, I know I would have been sat with my tape recorder’s microphone carefully placed in front of the speaker and that I would have kept mindfully quiet throughout the proceedings so as to not undermine the performances.

Not sure I could do that now – being somewhat more fidgety and impatient. (i.e. “Old”)

Another 8 bob – eight shillings – into my savings account. That’s *ahem* 40p (or 58¢) in ‘today’s money’. Woooooooooooh!!!

Yes, we never owned sleeping bags in our house. Probably because I hated even the IDEA of camping out (I still do). I always had to borrow one, carefully ‘disinfecting’ it before and after use.

I do however know that this sleeping bag would become particularly significant in a few days time!


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One response to “January 27th 1973

  1. Stevil

    Sleeping bag: Mental note – skip the next few days’ entries

    I also recorded the In Concert show.

    Fairport Convention and Colin Blunstone played the Old Refectory at Soton Uni 75p

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