January 24th 1973

“Allen lent me a useless recording of the Goon Show + Parkinson” / “Listened to Moving Waves again – FUKIN  FANTASTIC” / “2nd (Day) Aniv of finding ‘istry book”

Poor old Allen. Does his best in lending me a recorded cassette of the show I spoke of a few weeks ago, and I pooh-pooh it.

Not, I suspect, because the contents were poor, more likely that the quality was sub-par, failing to meet my exacting criteria for recordings taken from a TV speaker!

Add that disappointment to another useless aside about my history book and a bad-spelled swear word and it all sums up what, on the face of it, feels like a very negative day for this particular teenager?


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One response to “January 24th 1973

  1. Stevil

    This was the day of the Focus gig at the Top Rank. Aparently 2,500 capacity crowd and about 1,800 who didn’t get in. Everyone was there apart from one sad person…. There was a bomb hoax in the middle. We were all invited to leave if we wanted to – nobody moved. You realise that you are now the main suspect for ringing in…

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