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January 21st 1973

“TIB at church” / “I caused an argument by getting in a huff with Mum – Sod it!” / “Good Larf in TIBS – Val there – Played on Piano (Not with Val – Awwww)”/ “Gave dep for w-end”

Regular readers may have noticed that the diary entries for 1973 have been, generally, lengthier than they were in 1972.

It’s not that I was doing more in 1973, just that this diary offered a little more daily space in which to write something than 1972’s tiny little one did.

Today’s entry is yet another veritable cornucopia.

I could get into a “huff” which apparently caused an argument. Once again, these regular references to arguments never fail to amaze – and deeply upset – me.

I really did have the ‘hots’ for Val didn’t I? Proved by my “not with Val – Awwww” remark. What’s weird is that whilst I remember Val, I can’t really remember having this big ‘crush’ on her as my diary suggests.

Played on piano” – as commented recently, I bet my contribution included a one-fingered rendition of “Smoke on the Water”

That church weekend is imminent, as proved by me forking over my deposit. More debauchery?



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