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January 18th 1973

“Found out that I had passed mock by the jammy margin of ½% – PHEW!” / “games – didn’t score but set up 3” / “Larst Monty Python – Funny – Charwoman – BOOM!”

Blimey! Talk about “skin of my teeth” result regarding my maths exam.

Thank heavens I was – *ahem* – a much better football player than mathematician. Heh!

Monty Python’s “Charwoman” appears towards the end of this You Tube offering, another of Terry Gilliam’s wonderful animated contributions to the show…

Maybe the sight of bare cartoon breasts is what attracted the 15-year-old me to the skit in 1973?

I wonder how BBC America now broadcast that re-run given the ludicrous TV censorship laws that exist over here?

The other day we watched a travel programme with the presenter walking around an Italian art museum. It included a shot of a marble statue of a nude woman…. where the breasts had been fuzzed out by the censors. I WISH I was making that up.


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