January 17th 1973

“No maths results yet” / “Only free days to go until I buy Moving Waves – Focus” / “More copying up” / “Asked Rob if I could borrow two Deep Purple cassettes of his”

I was obviously ‘sweating’ on my maths results….. *gulp!*

I love that I am anticipating my purchase of the Focus album. I often wonder if kids today carry the same levels of anticipation about things? It seems to me that there’s almost too much out there for them to single out that one thing to get massively excited about in advance.

That might just be me being an “old farty” however. Maybe a forthcoming Wii game or a new application for their phone gets them salivating equally as much as I was in 1973 over the thought of owning a vinyl slab of Thijs Van Leer‘s dutch yodeling?!


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