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January 13th 1973

“City 3 Stoke 2” / “Actually got my berfday money from Dad – went into Eastleigh – bort shirt, pyjamas, socks” / “Gave ticket to Steve B to sell” / “Gonna put quid in Halifax”

I feel somewhat embarrassed about the comment “actually got my berfday money from Dad” as it suggests that I was somehow forced to wait for it. Maybe Dad had to wait until he got paid before he was able to treat me? Whatever the reason it does make me appear awfully ungrateful.

However, knee deep in funds I went on an “apparel spree” in Eastleigh.

Life so evidently ‘fascinating’ for this muppet-of-a-15-year-old that I felt it necessary to document the fact that I bought….. socks??!!!

quid in halifax” refers to my early habit – and a good one – of saving money in a Building Society account. I’m happy that Dad always tried to steer me right back in these times and am grateful for the fact that, years later, my savings and investments all stem from his very simple notion of NOT spending everything that I earned or was given. Over the years I have always maintained a healthy balance between consuming and savings, careful to only buy things that I feel I can afford.

I bet at 15 though, I also viewed that quid as “almost an album”


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