January 10th 1973

“1st Maths Mock O’level – multiple guess choice – VERY HARD!” / “Decided to buy Moving Waves by Focus by selling ticket” / “I think I have got the flu – have got very bad frote”

Ah, that was why I was doing all that swotting!

I think I have already said that I had been chosen as one of the BP pupils who was going to be permitted to take their maths O-level exam a year early.

In order to take the O-level proper in June, I first had to be pre-tested in the January “mock exams”. In these, we were given examples of previous tests, after which we were, presumably (but I can’t be certain) educated further in whatever areas we fell short.

Of course, it may also have been the case that anyone who failed the mocks were then NOT allowed to take the real thing. (You’ve guessed it, it can’t remember)

It would seem that the multiple choice paper was somewhat on the difficult side?

Maybe that’s why, later, my ‘fear of failure’ materialised into the flu?

In other news – potentially more important for the 15-year-old me – it looks like a new slab of 12″ vinyl was in my future?!


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