January 8th 1972

“Bak to school!” / “Mystery of missing history book continues – saga still not solved. Had to fork out for another history book” / “Revision – Maths”

What an ugly diary entry.

Back to school indeed, and with a vengeance it would seem?

Maths revision and a missing history book. As I remember it, we were given most of our text books at the beginning of each school year, but that if we lost them we had to buy a new one from the supply office.

A fair enough compromise I suppose and much better than, as I understand it, the current US system where parents/pupils are responsible for not only buying their text books but ALL their school supplies (writing pads, pens, etc etc) every year. Given that even though we are childless, over 85% of our local property taxes go to pay for our school system here


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