January 5th 1973

“Finished Model – (great!)” / “Didn’t do much xcept swot up – bike – footer – subbuteo – chess – etc” / “got birfday card from val”

Hahahaha… didn’t do much… no, absolutely nothing except finish that plastic model, swot up for my mock, ride my bike, play football, play subbuteo and play chess.

That would represent a “bloody busy day” for me now!

A belated message to Val(erie), who was one of my fellow TIB-ers:- Yes, I really fancied you… even though I always had to accept that I never appeared on your ’emotional’ radar in any way, shape or form. I am sure that, for a while on January 5th 1973, I imagined all kinds of trouser-tightening flights of fancy when I opened a birthday card from you.



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