The 1973 Diary (III)

Page 3:
Vicar’s Dog Collar? Check
Flat hat with bobble? Check
Fly Sunglasses (years before Bono)? Check
Top hat and Magicians Wand? Check
Double-breasted jacket with padded shoulders (and it’s not even the 80’s)? Check
Bastardized Frank Sinatra lyrics? Check?
Thong sandals? Check

Woaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! THONG SANDALS?

Page 4:
Appears to be a buck-toothed jockey wearing a scarf and platform shoes, accompanied by a dog with eyebrows. He is saying “Vis is mi diry so keap off! Yeah, keap of vis diarea” whilst the dog is threatening “Im ‘is dog keep off!

Bids start at $2500



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2 responses to “The 1973 Diary (III)

  1. Nobby

    Now you’re starting to scare me.
    I’m amazed you turned out anything like normal!

  2. kcneon

    Didn’t notice the sandals right away…how great is that!?!

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