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The 1973 Diary (I)

As you can see, the 1973 diary is somewhat high on the “beaten up” scale, but isn’t doing too bad for a 35+ year old document.

I was encouraged to discover that Letts still make diaries, including “school/student” versions, although they look wildly different from my pvc-sleeved affair. I wonder if Letts still manufacture their diaries domestically? My1973 one has “Made in Great Britain” proudly embossed on the back of the cover!

A cursory glance at the pages show the diary, like 1972’s, is (what is known as) a “week to a view”.

Like with the 1972 diary I will not read any further forward than the posts I am immediately drafting so that the contents are as fresh and immediate to me as they are you, the blog readers. This alleviates me from potentially pre-empting my ‘lack of memory’ trait.

This was more than just a diary however. As the next couple of posts will show, the diary also contained a number of additional pages of my scribblings that weren’t calendar-related. Yes, they are embarrassing, but in the interests of “full disclosure” I will share my embarrassments with you.

The diary also contains full maps of the world, an article on how to obedience train your dog, a history of time-keeping, “making persuasive posters”, quizzes, crosswords, notable dates (in history, not mine I hasten to add), 1973’s Lighting-up timetable, first-aid hints, road safety tips, measurement converters, abbreviations, some French irregular verbs (???), lists of British Prime Ministers and Sovereigns, notable events in history, principle countries of the world and…. four pages towards the back listing books I should read!?!

I’ll hope that 1973’s is at least as mildly entertaining as 1972’s (might have been?), and hope I can find lots to write about. I’ll hope too that my parents argued less so I didn’t feel the need to always comment on it.


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