December 29th 1972

“Mum + Dad went to see Dick Emery. Recorded various groups cassette”

Whilst I amused myself composing a “mix tape”, my folks took themselves off to see a live show by 1972’s BBC Personality of the Year!

Dick Emery can best be described as a one-man seventies version of “Little Britain“. His BBC TV show ran for almost 20 years and consisted of sketches featuring Emery dressed up as various characters, mostly all riffing on social aspects of the age.

Many of the characters – again, much like “Little Britain” the “Catherine Tate Show” or “The Fast Show” – became very much part of the public’s consciousness, whilst Emery dished up catchphrases left, right and centre.

They included a toothy vicar, a man-starved spinster, a stuttering pensioner and a massive-boobed middle-aged blonde. If those weren’t ‘bad’ enough, and in deference to the utter lack of political correctness that (happily) existed in the 70’s, Emery also featured an outrageously OTT camp male, Clarence, whose catchphrase was “Oooooh, Hello Honky Tonk, how are you?“…

I think the following falls into the “don’t ask, don’t tell” category?…

Whilst this was cutting edge comedy in 1972….


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