December 12th 1972 (I)

“Mum’s Birthday” / “Tom & Marg came up” / “Wore Posy Trousis” /  “Gave Mum Diary” / “Dad gave Mum clock”

A diary entry that pretty much “does what it says on the tin”

Still no firm idea which pair of teenage ‘posy trousis’ (trousers) I am referring to here, although I do vaguely recall a pair of burgundy two-tone flares with sleek hip pockets that I must have had around this time. When paired with the previously written about “posy boots” I must have either a) been irresistible to girls or b) looked a right twat

After Mum died, Dad found all of Mum’s old diaries in a drawer somewhere in the house. When I say “old diaries” I don’t mean like the one I gave her on her birthday ‘today’ (which was doubtless more of an appointment/schedule pocketbook) but the ones she wrote when they first met. They were all written in Danish. Dad said even if they had been in English he wouldn’t have wanted to read them, as they were her private thoughts. He asked me if I wanted the diaries and I said no. Some things are better left alone.


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