December 4th 1972 (I)

“(Arguverge)”/”Pissed darn wiv rane all day”/”bort ticket 2 go and see junior play and talk about poofs in the navy”

Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed out loud when I read this entry 36-years after writing it?

No, not the bit about my parents arguing again (did they ever not argue?) or my poorly-spelled report on the weather.

The other bit. The HUGELY politically-incorrect bit.

I don’t think I have heard the word ‘poof’ – for those not aware, a slang term relating to gay males – since my Mum passed away. Bless her, she still used the word, “correctness” not taught to people of her generation.

Anyway, why would I be buying tickets about such a thing? Was the play about the issue, with a connected talk? “Junior play” suggest not, but who knows what happened in education in the seventies?!

…..regardless, wouldn’t the plural of ‘poof’ be ‘pooves’?


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