November 30th 1972

“borrowed Fireball off Sims” / “came ‘ome to find that Mum had moved my bedroom round”

Title track aside, 1971’s Fireball is hardly one of Deep Purple’s “classic” rock albums. 

It did hit Number 1 on the UK album chart, but this may have had everything to do with fan’s frenzied anticipation of new Purple material following 1970’s FAR superior and INFINITELY better “In Rock” release.

It was the second of five consecutive Deep Purple studio albums which featured the (whatever was the then incarnation of the) band’s faces in some format or another on the sleeve. Whilst “In Rock” had them up on Mount Rushmore and “Machine Head” had them floatingly reflected in what looks like a solid bar of silver, Fireball has them VERY badly drawn as the tip of a……well, of a fireball. With *ahem* the word “fireball” as the trail. I can’t begin to imagine what Harvest Records and/or the band paid the artist for this appalling sleeve, but if it was more than the cost of a bag of crisps they were well and truly kippered!

Talking of appalling, what the hell was my Mum doing moving my room around?

PS: No, I didn’t have porn.



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