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November 19th 1972

“told in TIBS that would be confirmed at easter + that TIB group would go out on my birfda”

In the whole Church of England malarkey, confirmation is a ‘grown-up’ ritual where individuals who were baptised as babies renew the ‘promises’ made for them at that baptism by their parents and godparents.

Only after confirmation is the individual admitted ‘up the front’ for the whole Holy Communion brouhaha, where you get wine and stuff.

It all sounds so…. so, archaic, quaint… but completely unrelated to me in my adult life. These days I’ll take my atheism anyway I can find it.

It does present me with the opportunity to have a brief blasphemous imaginary comment from 1972 (even if the pop culture reference point had not yet been invented)…….. 

“I can’t believe it’s not bread*”

It looks as if I was going to get my chance to go to “big church” sometime around Easter of 1973. I may have been excited at the time, even if now I feel horrified by the notion.

However, I’ll bet a few quid I was more excited about having a shindig come my birfda in January?!

[*with apologies to regular readers – and commentators – M & P]

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