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October 29th 1972

“Played Jim Reeves in morning for Mum”

I must have felt guilty about arguing with her the previous day or something.

Like, really REALLY guilty.

Mum had some Herb Alpert albums (which I loved – still do as it happens), a Des O’Connor long-player and “Distant Drums” by Texan good ‘ol boy “Gentleman” Jim Reeves. The title track had been a posthumous Number 1 UK hit for Reeves in 1966, a year or so after he died in an air crash, and I guess it stuck with my Mum. (The song, not the air crash)

I really didn’t care for Reeves, or this album, but then I’ve never really cared for country music too much at all. Therefore, the fact that I would apparently willingly suffer Jim Reeves – presumably in an attempt to cheer/butter Mum up somehow – is testament maybe to how much I deep down loved her.

Can I get an “aaawwwwwwwwwwwwww”?

I hear the sound …. bombombom bombombom … of diiiiiiistant drums…. bombombom bombom


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