October 28th 1972

“bludy argument between me + mum she walked around all day miserable” / “bort hocus pocus – focus – NOT good”

A teenage boy argues with his Mum – nothing odd there. Except this was me and MY Mum we’re talking about, so it just feels somehow distressing… just like reading about all the other times I found it necessary to document my arguments with her, or the arguments she was having with Dad.

I do wonder what effect all of that has had on me psychologically. I can and do argue, often over the pettiest things but have I inherited her traits (as she did from her own mother, another argumentative individual) or did I just learn to argue for the sake of it? Like most people I certainly don’t find confrontation comfortable, but that’s not to say I won’t argue my corner where I feel it’s absolutely necessary to do so, usually where I feel I have to protect myself (or both my wife and I) from being taken advantage of.

As for the comment “hocus pocus – focus – NOT good” I am almost at a loss for words here because I can’t believe what I am saying. I actually love “Hocus Pocus” by Focus with such a passion I think I may just have to have an argument with myself about it?!


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