October 22nd 1972

“in morning dun typing, in afternoon plyd soccer + scored 10” / “carried on with project”

TEN! (Sign me up Scolari!)

In “soccer” too. Shame it wasn’t in football?!

Why the hell, in 1972, would I have called it soccer all of a sudden?

In an ironic twist, I have spent my (so far) ten years in the USA trying my hardest NOT to succumb to the American habit of calling the beautiful game “soccer“. Bah!!



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2 responses to “October 22nd 1972

  1. oo shame on you in ’72 for calling it soccer!!

    Scored 10???… it has to be a soccer game and not the real thing …. surely it has to be or else you have sadly missed your calling 😉 hee hee

  2. buzzstein

    Soccer?? What the hell??

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