October 21st 1972

“city 4, west ham 3” / “started project – went to library in morning. got books on the civil war for project”

Here’s one to make my wife laugh.

Not that City squeaked by the Hammers but that, as a 14-year-old boy, I did a school project on the Civil War.

Go on, ask me anything you want about what I learned in 1972 about the Civil War.

However, given my commitment to national security and in keeping with my American residency I shall have to plead the fifth.



Filed under 1972 Diary Entries

3 responses to “October 21st 1972

  1. Eleanor

    You mean you weren’t predicting this?

  2. buzzstein

    Ok, who fought in the Civil War?

  3. teenagerockopera

    You mean you don’t know Buzz? Shame on you!

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