October 14th 1972

“nufin dun in morning, in afternoon went to E.L.” “boots arrived – bludy smart”

Now, the 70’s were a time of unbridled good taste in fashion. Am I right readers, or am.I.right?

STOP laughing at the back!

Like all kids of my age in the recession-stricken decade of flares, platforms and fringes, I attempted to dress to impress. This wasn’t always easy when I had a) limited monetary sums at my disposal (car washing not being what it used to be, obviously) and b) my parents bought a lot of my clothes.

HowEVER, these boots – black leather chelsea boots with a side zipper and (approx) 2-inch heels – were very much MY find and MY idea.

Now, it’s fact that I can’t remember a lot from my teenage youth, but I remember these boots.

And there’s a reason why.

A very VERY sad reason why.

I *ahem* still own them.

Yes, this man who discarded much of his “childish things” – and even more prior to having his household belongings shipped across the Atlantic – somehow managed to hold on to these platform boots. DON’T ask me why, for I do not know, nor can I give anykind of logical response to the pack-ratting of an old pair of boots. Except to add that they are still in bloody good condition and if the fashion ever comes back…….



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2 responses to “October 14th 1972

  1. C’mon… you were TOTALLY wearing those the last time I saw you.

  2. teenagerockopera

    Trust me, I don’t think my fat ankles could get in there anymore? If only!

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