October 12th 1972



No idea what this refers to.

Some kind of weird slang that only a 14-year-old idiot can understand.



Filed under 1972 Diary Entries

4 responses to “October 12th 1972

  1. Nobby

    Is it latin for self-gratification?

  2. Nobby

    When did your Demis Roussos / Aphrodite’s Child / 666 fixation kick in?

    How many people did you lock in your room and force to listen to that album?

    I was never the same again.

    This has nothing to do with my other comment on this entry!

  3. Perhaps this diary entry was the precursor to “Eranu” and “Uvavu.”

  4. Stevil

    Sorry, I think I unleashed Aphrodite’s Child on the Gibbs fraternity…

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