October 6th 1972

“went up Nigs and borrowed Anyway – Family” / New set batts > 50 days”

Nig – Or Nigel – was a school chum who lived just around the corner from me.

Like Trevor, he also had an older brother (Keith) who was something of a experimental music fan. I feel as indebted to Keith for some of my early musical learning as I do Trev’s brother Stephen.

I was already a fan of Family, having purchased their “Old Songs, New Songs” album back in June.

Anyway was something of a stopgap album for the band, and was actually a half-live, half-studio recording. I already had what I considered the best cuts from it on that purchased compilation, so I was doubtless intrigued by it moreso for the sleeve than the record itself.

For what were, I admit, something of an ‘average’ band, Family did appear to have influential friends in the cover-design department of their record label.

For Anyway, the record was in a simple slip cover, wrapped in a foldover cardboard insert, the whole kaboodle encased inside a thick plastic sleeve with a fold-in flap. Other Family albums featured die-cut book-style covers and one (Bandstand) was even made to look like an old-fashioned TV set.

There is a LOT to be said for the ‘golden days’ of vinyl, and how a well-designed sleeve or some groovy artwork could draw you to a particular album over another in the record racks. I know I was suckered in many a time, deciding to buy an album purely because of the sleeve.


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