An Aside (X)

Part 3…

1] There’s something both funny and courageous about Shirley Bassey’s name appearing amongst those other female singers!
2] OK, so I had to google the name “Jacqui McShee”. Singer in Pentangle apparently. That’ll be why I didn’t know the name – some old 70’s folk rubbish.
3] Hold on, Hold ON…. wooooaaaaah!…… Number 6 Best TV Show – Tom & bloody Jerry???
4] The fact that Lindisfarne’s mournful “Lady Eleanor” was voted Best Single proves there were a LOT of drugs around in the seventies.
5] Those DJ and Radio show names have rekindled a LOT of fond personal memories.
6] Isn’t funny that in 1972 David Bowie was considered a “Bright Hope”
7] I had to look up Jonathan Kelly too – again, folk nonsense
8] Aaaaaaaaah, Vinegar Joe…. featuring Elkie “Pearl’s a Singer” Brooks and a certain Robert “Addicted to Love” Palmer…



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3 responses to “An Aside (X)

  1. Eleanor

    As someone who tracks down everything with my name, how have I missed “Lady Eleanor”? I haven’t even heard of Lindisfarne (or Wishbone Ash – except for you previous few posts).

    Top Gear on the radio – how did that work? TV seems to be a much better medium. And good to know that Monty Python was recognized at the time.

  2. teenagerockopera

    Different “Top Gear” – nothing (thankfully) to do with Jeremy Clarkson

  3. Loved the Vinegar Joe U Tube! Six Star General remains my favourite album of all time. I spent many a happy evening watching them on stage, of course being 15 I was madly in love with Elkie Brooks.

    Nice work (except for saying Pentangle were rubbish – but I’ll let you off this time)


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