September 27th 1972

“Ticket arrived for concert at Oval. Rang up Barry Dillon to ask which LP would receive, said would more likely gt Trilogy”

Back in the days when you could rely on the postal service obviously!

One day? Good lord, that’s, like, “first class” or something? I still find it peculiar now that I won just ONE ticket though.

I think Barry Dillon was the reporter at the Southern Evening Echo who’d sent me the winning letter. (I do have the letter somewhere but can’t find it).

I was obviously pleased that I was getting Trilogy, Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s (then) most recent album. (I wonder if it turned up before the concert?)

Trilogy, was something of a tour de force in prog rock terms. OK, at least as far as I was concerned!

Utterly bombastic in its creation, the soaring multi-tracked keyboards and crashing cymbals hardly let up from start to end, the only respite being the beautiful “From the Beginning“, a typical Greg Lake “ballad”, one of which seemed to appear on almost every ELP release.

Side 1 ends with a Keith Emerson rendition of composer Aaron Copland’s “Hoedown” which is as crazy as it is sublime, whilst Side 2 closes with the magnificent “Abaddon’s Bolero“, the band again giving a nod to the “classics”, this time copying Maurice Ravel’s stylings. 

I would have played it to death. I just know.


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