September 18th 1972

“had a quick game of darts before doing h-work”

Yes, for a while there I proudly had a dartboard in my bedroom.

To my father’s probable remorse, I also had a wall full of small dart holes around said dartboard!

I don’t know if it was around this time or not, but I can remember (Yes, I can remember something???) also playing darts on a board pinned to the back of my Dad’s shed door.

Somehow, if these occurences are similarly timed, I can only guess that my lack of fine aim indoors resulted in me being forced to play the game outdoors?!


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One response to “September 18th 1972

  1. My brother and I spent hours in his bedroom chucking arrows…. as a result in later life I have a loft of tacky trophies for darts lol

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